Packing Up the Books

Posted By Anne on Apr 10, 2014 | 2 comments

We’re still shopping for our vehicles, and we’ve been driving all over kingdom come the Metro Twin-Cities area, checking out various RVs and buses.

In the meantime, we’ve also started cleaning out the house, listing items for sale online, and packing boxes of books to mail to friends. Whew! You can visit our book sale on Craigslist. We’re happy to ship books to those of you who live farther away.

packing up the office

Packing up my desk and office supplies

packing up the office

Everything is for sale — getting ready for garage sales

stuff we're keeping

This pile is what we’re keeping!

Next week is Passover, and Tuesday (4/16) and the following Monday (4/21) are both Sabbaths! So glad! I think we’re going to need some extra days to sleep in. 🙂


  1. Are you really packing up and traveling around? Hope you make it to Washington Stare.

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    • Oh, we would SOOO much love to see our family out there!

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