Kraig and Anne ElliottWe are Kraig and Anne Elliott, and we have been developing homeschool curriculum and writing Bible-study books for over a decade — practical for large or small families, but firmly based upon God’s Word as our primary textbook. We are the parents of seven children. Kraig is a former public school administrator and counselor, as well as a former Baptist pastor.

We are now staring a new congregation in the Lansing, Michigan area, as well as traveling occasionally across the United States, ministering to families, helping start small Messianic congregations, and speaking on biblical marriage, parenting, and homeschooling.

Our Mission Statement

We believe the Bible provides the answers to everything we need in life (2 Peter 1:3). Our goal is to help men and women apply the Bible to their life in practical ways and to strengthen families.

Past Engagements/Seminars

Here is a partial list of some of our previous speaking engagements…

  • “Confessions of a Baptist Minister” TorahLife.tv – 1/2014
  • “Interview of HomeschoolingTorah Curriculum” Hebrew Nation Radio Morning Show – 10/2013
  • “Why Messiah Came: A Message of Light and Hope” Southern Minnesota Women’s Meeting – 11/2012
  • “A Biblical Home Education” Homeschool How-To Conference – 6/2012
  • “Using the Bible to Teach History” Homeschool How-To Conference – 6/2012
  • “Planning a New School Year” Homeschool How-To Conference – 6/2012
  • “How to Make Homeschooling Goals” Homeschool How-To Conference – 6/2012
  • “Teaching Kids about Torah” RemnantRadio – 5/2012
  • “Using the Bible to Choose Methods and Curriculum” CindyRushton.com – 4/2010
  • “Using the Bible as Your Primary Textbook” HOTM Online Conference – 8/2009
  • “Can the Bible Really Tell Me How to Succeed at Homeschooling” CindyRushton.com – 5/2009
  • “Using the Bible as Your Primary Textbook” CindyRushton.com – 5/2009
  • “Mothering for the Kingdom” Valley View Baptist Church, Council Bluffs, IA – 5/2006
  • “A New Heart” First Baptist Church, Centerville, IA – 4/2006
  • “A Heart God Honors” First Baptist Church, Centerville, IA – 4/2006


Here are some of our common speaking topics, although we’d be happy to design an event that fits the needs of your audience.

Biblical Home Education

We’ll take a specific look at what Scripture says about goals, methods, and curriculum, giving lots of practical ideas you can apply in your homeschooling right away.

Everything for Life Series — Church

This series of presentations takes a look at what Scripture says about the local church. We share ways that any size congregation, from home-based to very large, can be sure that their assemblies are biblical and effective at accomplishing God’s plan.

Everything for Life Series — Marriage

This series of presentations takes a look at marriage throughout Scripture and offers practical ways we can strengthen and deepen our marriage relationships.

Everything for Life Series — Parenting

This series of presentations takes a look at parenting throughout Scripture and offers practical ways families can have a joyful, peaceful, and loving home.

Feasting with Your Family

This presentation takes a look at the Feasts of God given in Leviticus 23 and shows how they contain amazing teaching tools we can use with our children, to show them their Messiah and to equip them for godly living.

The “Hear, Learn, Keep, Do” Method

When God wants to teach mankind something, He follows a very specific method that we can copy in our homeschooling. We’ll take a look at the book of Deuteronomy and what it says about homeschooling methods that really work.

The Continuity of Scripture

Does the Bible really tell us everything we need for life and godliness, as 2 Peter 1:3 says? This fascinating presentation takes a look at how the whole Bible fits together — and how it affects our lives every day.

Using the Bible as Your Primary Textbook

This practical presentation shows how to teach every subject, from math to history and science, all using the Bible as your primary textbook.

Using the Bible to Teach History

This unique look at teaching history shows how Scripture can be used to tell all of history (from creation to modern times) from God’s perspective. We’ll show how Scripture covers the most important details, the things that God most wants our children to know and understand, which helps us plan out our children’s history education.


Let’s Get It on Our Calendars

If you want to check our availability for your event, or if you have some questions before proceeding further, please feel free to email us here.